My name is April Lawrence and I started Lil' Bit after watching thousands of suffering Syrian refugee children at the same time I had a baby of my own.

I looked at my newborn son and simply could not fathom how people could take such an catastrophic "us and them" approach to other innocent people. While we and many others donated to the cause, I wondered about what else I could do to continue to contribute just a little bit more happiness in the world. 

As I looked back at my own life, I realized it was always tiny gestures of surprising kindness that created lasting memories. I wanted to build a company that focused on creating tiny moments like those while doing greater good for those in need.  

I hope that the lil' bits of life contained in our reusable containers help create special moments for you and your loved ones and that you can smile just a lil' bit more knowing that someone, in a far less comfortable situation, benefits from your kindness, too.